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Roof Moss Removal For Your Portland Home

A canopy of moss on a forest floor is a lovely sight; on your roof, not so much. If you're in a position to need roof moss removal for your home in Portland or surrounding areas, it's time to get proactive. The time to deal with moss is now, before permanent damage occurs - if it hasn't already.

Moss removal is a necessary part of home maintenance in this part of the country because the conditions for lichen growth are ideal. The climate is appealing for living here, as long as you're willing to stay current with moss treatments and removal.

At Moss Pros, we help homeowners every day with essential roof moss removal. Protect your home by safeguarding your roof and call us today to schedule this all-important service for your home.

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Caring For Your Home Begins With Your Roof

Did you know that many homeowners' companies are beginning to refuse policy renewal if there's roof moss present? Some other vital reasons you need to schedule moss removal in Portland:

  • Moss slowly destroys your roof
  • Roots can lift shingles
  • Easier for water intrusion to occur
  • More susceptible to mold and bacteria growth
  • Moss poses a threat to the structural integrity

As far as tasks around the home go, roof moss removal is at the top of the priority list. Make it a point to get proactive about regular treatments, removal, or both, and keep moss at bay.

Moss Pros Can Help You With Moss Removal

It's no secret that moss thrives in conditions where it's damp with adequate shade. Of course, this describes the majority of homes in the Pacific Northwest. As a responsible homeowner with this knowledge, all you have to do is get proactive and respond accordingly.

Once moss begins to grow, it doesn't slow down. By the time you get around to having it removed, there's a good chance you'll have holes in your roof, and that means leaks. Any type of moisture intrusion is bad news for your rooftop and the rest of your home.

Your roof is the first line of defense against the elements, and if your roof is compromised, it can't perform as expected and needed. Call Moss Pros for roof moss removal in Portland and nearby areas and feel good about the level of care you're investing in your home.

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