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If you have an outdoor recreational space, you hopefully realize the importance of deck cleaning. However, Portland homeowners seem to procrastinate when it comes to exterior cleaning for decks, which can have dire consequences. The climate in this area creates the perfect conditions for mold and algae and resulting decay.

For Portland moss removal, the name to trust is Moss Pros. However, the good news is that we're also the team to contact when you need service like deck cleaning too. If it cleans and improves the exterior of your home, chances are we do it - and do it well.

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Moss Roof

Keep Your Deck Beautiful And Functional

Moss removal is a much-needed service in this area. However, all of your exterior cleanings should be considered a high-priority, including deck cleaning. If you're not already currently using our crew for cleaning your deck, you're missing out on advantages like:

  • Important for preparing for painting or staining
  • Preserve and prolong wood's lifespan
  • Remove slip-and-fall hazards like algae
  • Eradicate mold and stop rot
  • Wash away bird droppings and other health hazards

The list goes on from there, but what you should know is how critical a role deck washing plays in your home upkeep plan. If you want a safe and healthy place to enjoy the great outdoors with family and friends, maintain your deck.

Without proper care, your deck will become a safety threat, money pit, and an eyesore. The only thing more tragic than not having a deck is having one and neglecting to care for it. Letting your deck fall into a state of disrepair isn't something you should have to worry about.

All Deck Materials Require Cleaning And Care

House washing is a necessary part of home maintenance and improvement. However, don't miss out on the opportunity to take care of the individual features of your home's exterior - they all need attention too! No matter how sturdy your deck is, it can't survive without ongoing maintenance, including professional cleaning.

While the name Moss Pros may confuse you, you should know we do all kinds of exterior cleaning, including taking care of your deck. Our mission as a team of industry experts is to keep the outside of your home clean as could be and in the best shape possible. Contact us for your Portland deck cleaning and see for yourself why we're the number one local choice.

Deck cleaning

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