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At Moss Pros, we're proud of our reputation for being among the best in Gresham for moss removal and related exterior cleaning services. While we give our customers plenty of great reasons to feel confident about working with us, one benefit is our unique moss prevention plan.

We use an eco-friendly high sodium solution that kills moss on any surface and prevents regrowth for 3-5 years. (Depending on the overgrowth around the building) The best part is that this plan doesn't require annual applications like other alternatives. Plus, we stop by every five years to make sure that your exterior and roof look clean and are in good condition.

To learn more, receive your free estimate, or schedule service, give our experts a call right now. It's our pleasure to provide you with the level of quality service that you deserve, adding another satisfied customer to our list in Gresham.

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Gresham's Moss Removal Experts At Your Service

We realize you probably don't sit around giving much thought to moss removal. However, as a homeowner in the Gresham area, it's not something you can ignore. Living in the Pacific Northwest is rewarding but comes with unique and specific responsibilities to the area. If ignored, moss growth on your home and roof can be very troublesome for several reasons:

  • Leads to rot, decay, and decomposition
  • Gets under roofing material and causes it to stick up
  • Can create holes and leaks
  • Compromises the integrity of your roof
  • Causes your roof to be less energy efficient

It turns out that moss can negatively impact everything from your utility costs and roof repairs. Plus, neglecting to take care of moss on your roof can lead to premature replacement - and we want to help you prevent that from happening.

Homeowners In Gresham Value Our Roof Cleaning

You don't have to work in the roofing industry to appreciate how critical your rooftop is and why it needs to remain in top condition. The good news is that you already have a reliable resource for roof cleaning and moss removal service. We're here to help by protecting your roof against:

  • Bird Droppings
  • Pollen
  • Dirt And Dust
  • Moss
  • Algae
  • Mold

The Moss Pros team always has your best interest in mind. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. Do yourself a favor and call us now, and you'll have access to the best moss removal and roof cleaning experts in Gresham.

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