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Moss Pros is dedicated to providing local customers with superior results from our moss removal service. Roof demossing is critical for several reasons, but the main purpose is to prevent roof damage.

We’ll restore the appearance of your roof and home in general and help you avoid repairs or early replacement. Before Mother Nature and moss growth causes damage to your roof, contact our team for a free estimate and superior service.

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Professional Moss Removal & Treatment From Your Home

There’s no denying that Portland is a beautiful place to call home, as long as you’re taking steps to keep that home in tiptop shape. Moss removal is a priority in this part of the country, and we’re the team to trust for meticulous work for detailed results.

Save your gutters and rooftop by stepping at least one step ahead of roof growth. We’ll work with you to develop a comprehensive schedule that is best suited for your specific property and individual needs.

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Roof Cleaning That Works On Any Type Of Roof

Moss removal or demossing is an integral part of the maintenance routine for homes in the Pacific Northwest. This isn’t your average roof cleaning, although you’ll receive the same benefits and more.

The sooner that you get proactive about scheduling roof cleaning, the better off you’ll be. We’re here to help you take excellent care of your home, from the rooftop down.

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Roof Types
Exterior Cleaning

Exterior Cleaning Services In The Portland, OR Area

Demossing is a primary professional focus for the Moss Pros team, but we’re exterior cleaning specialists and more. We offer high-quality cleaning for sidewalks, decks, driveways, and more.

You can feel good working with us because we use biodegradable washing solutions and follow all EPA standards. Today is the right time to contact us and schedule superior cleaning services and moss removal in the Portland area.

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